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Calhoun CC Nursing/ TEAS Results

  1. 0 Hello everyone I'm doing my nursing prereq's at calhoun right now im hoping to get in the nursing program for spring 2012. I've taken Anatomy 1 and got an A. I'm taking Anatomy 2 and currently have an A in the class and expect to recieve an A at the end of the summer semester. I have taken all other prereq's except Microbiology and math I plan on taking these this fall. Im also planning on taking my TEAS test next month and then applying for nursing school once the results come back I just want to know how long it takes for the test scores to come back and find out if anyone is in the same boat as I. Im really excited and really nervous about my application but I'm optimistic about it.
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    I took the TEAS-v at Calhoun in April and was able to see my score on the screen right after I finished. Afterward I was able to rush home and print it off. Basically instant gratification. Hope that helps! Relysh
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    Thanks so much. So did you have any luck getting in?
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    Yup, Start August 22nd! Good Luck to you!

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