Are You a Nurse?

  1. The other day after work as I was leaving the supermarket, I passed a man who had his two children, a boy and a girl in a shopping cart. The little boy ( about 5 years old) yelled out " Hey Lady, are you a nurse?" I said yes and he looked at his dad with a look of wonder on his face and said " WOW". See- there are still people out there who think us nurses are special. I went home with a really good feeling that night!
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  3. by   deeDawntee
    WOW! Is that little kid psychic or what? Pretty cool.
  4. by   KimmieNEAL
    We just never know who God is going to speak to us through. He got to your heart through the innocence of a child. Thanks for sharing!

  5. by   wanderlust99 sweet! It's so nice being complimented for the wonderful profession we are in. It doesn't happen enough.