Applying for Nursing School-Points System

  1. I am planning on applying for nursing school in the spring or summer of next year. I wanted to know if ALL schools used the exact same points system, or if some schools around Birmingham/Tuscaloosa (within 2 hour drive anyway) ranked the Teas V higher? I have yet to take it, but on the practice test I got in the 90%... I don't have all my sciences taken, and so I need as many points elsewhere as I can get! I also know Jeff State will count Anatomy in high school if you took it. I made a 100 in anatomy in high school, so that would help. Is Jeff State the only school that does this? I'm just wondering! Thanks!
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  3. by   swtpea48
    I think they all take the percentage that you make on the TEAS test and add it to your points. Also, I would highly suggest that you finish all of your prereq classes BEFORE you start nursing school. Nursing classes can be extremely difficult and require a lot of study time.