Anyone from JACKSONVILE??? Anyone from JACKSONVILE??? | allnurses

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Anyone from JACKSONVILE???

  1. 0 I just started the BSN at Jacksonville. I'm just wondering if any of you are there, too? So far, I LOVE IT! ( have to remember this was the 1st week!!!!)
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    I am supposed to start the online RN to BSN program in January at JSU, does that count? I am very excited!! Can't hardly wait.
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    I believe when they 1st started that program, there was less than 10. Now, it's up to +100. I'm sure you'll love it; I have the STEP coordinator for lecture. I absolutely love her; she's so nice & caring. Good luck!!
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    Dr.****** was actually the program director of my ADN program and she was always great!! I look forward to having her as an instructor again.
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    Hey Lizzy! I'm in my third semester at Jacksonville, that's the Psych/OB semester. Congrats on getting in and good luck with your classes! They get harder and harder as you go, so get ready! Who is your clinical instructor and where are your clinicals?
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    I rec'd my letter of acceptance to JSU last week, so I guess that means I'll be starting classes in January..I'm so excited.
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    I start Jacksonvilles RN-BSN-MSN in the spring 2010. I'm need some insight on what to expect. How about the program?
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    I was in the BSN program. And I absolutely loved it. As far as what to expect, everyone's different. I only went to class half the time, studied by the powerpoints & did fine. Some people struggled the whole way through, and some either flunked out or dropped out. It's not a cake walk, but when it gets hard, remind yourself of why you're there. And don't give up when it gets hard either--you have got to WANT it. And the teachers are phenomenal; and don't listen to all the horror stories either--it's just child birth in that when you ask for people's opinions, you're going to get the worst case scenarios. I absolutely loved my time there & I feel as though when I got done, I was as prepared as any other new grad could be.
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    I'm already an RN. I have been for almost five years. I'm going to start the Step program starting in the spring. Any advice there?