Anyone applying for jeff state spring semester 2010???

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    anyone on here applying at jeff state for spring semester rn program at shelby campus???

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    I am 184 points. But what is this about changes to the math???
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    it will require you have taken 100 instead of 116
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    do you mean Jefferson college of Health science?

    cos that where i applied for spring 2010.
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    Jefferson state community college... Shelby county campus.
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    the change does not go into affect until fall 2010 math 116 will no longer be accepted only maqth 100 for all schools
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    not at jeff state... I went and spoke with tiffany lane, nursing advisor) because I could not pull up nursing application for spring. She said the requirments are in the process of being changed for spring so the new applications would not come out until 1st week of September. She said math 100 will be required and they are lowering the number of years for accepted previous college bio classes.
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    How old can your math 100 be? Ive taken Math 100 and finite, but it was like 5 or 6 years ago.
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    i wonder what these schools are trying to do us, i took those classes about 4 years ago including my science a&p is about 5yrs today. i am getting scared with these changes coming up. anyway, i am not applying at jeff.
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    Tiffany didnt say how many years they could go back. Not sure if she even knew yet.. Isn't it like 10 years right now??

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