Anyone applying for University of South Alabama?

  1. I'm applying for the University of South Alabama for the Fall 2012 semester and was just wondering if there's anyone out there doing the same! And also if you are, have you heard anything yet? I haven't, I guess it may be too early, but when should we expect to?
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  3. by   Jmdoty
    Hey! I have been searching for people that applied too! did you get in??
  4. by   straderj
    i applied as well, still have not heard anything. have you?
  5. by   stormdanzr23
    I applied as well and the wait was driving me crazy so I decided to give them a call and they said theyre still working on it and they're hoping to reach a decision by late this week or early next Hang in there guys!
  6. by   Jmdoty
    I got my acceptance letter like 2 weeks ago for the fall semester, and had to turn in my paper work reserving my spot two days after I got the letter. did you guys apply for the traditional BSN?

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