Adn vs. Bsn- which should i do?

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    Hey! I have an AS as a paramedic and a BS is social work. I was planning on doing a part time ADN program because of my family....but, have heard alot of talk about hospitals hiring lots more BSNs in my area (Birmingham). What do you know about this? Do u think with my education they will still require me to get a BSN at some point? I just want to make an informed decision before I go down one of these paths. Thanks!

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    I am from California and I know the ADN's are not getting hired anymore. I just got my ADN, and over half my class still have no jobs 6 months later because they are hiring BSN's before ADN's! If I could I would have gotten my BSN instead. Now I'm a jobless RN trying to go back to school for my BSN. Hope this helps.
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    Thank u for the info! I'm guessing you went to school in Cali and are trying to get a job in Alabama? Can I ask what city? I live in Birmingham and am trying to make an informed decision about all of this.

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