About to graduate-opinions on where to work in Birmingham??

  1. 0 I am about to graduate from a great BSN program here in Birmingham. I have done clinicals in many of the hospitals around town but I don't feel like I've had enough experience at any of them to know which is the best place to work. I know everywhere will have pros and cons, but if any of you work in Birmingham and could give me insight into specific hospitals/units that would be GREAT! I am pretty open as far as areas I'm interested in.

    I would love some insight as far as friendliness of staff, turnover rate, opportunities to advance, wages, use of new technology, overall environment of the hospital (food/parking/cleanliness).

    Also if you have had any negative experiences with particular units/hospitals, feel free to share.

    Thank you SO much in advance!
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    UAB Hospital is a teaching hospital and you would see and learn a lot there. They just hired a lot of new graduates though and it is hard to get an interview.

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