Thank You from the Effective Health Care Program

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    Thank you for being a part of our conversation on health care quality with the Effective Health Care Program of AHRQ. When we began this forum, our goal was to further engage, you, the nursing community at-large, foster dialogue, listen to your needs and provide updates on evidence-based resources designed to support continuing education and patient care. We greatly appreciate the time you took to read and comment on our posts and we hope that you were able to share something new with your patients and colleagues.

    Many of you posted comments that reflected the needs of the nursing community. You made the conversation impactful by engaging each other on topics that nurses care about such as comparative effectiveness research in nursing care to pressure ulcers and most recently midwifery and induction of labor.

    The Effective Health Care Program will continue to develop materials, offer programs and Webinars for nurses that support patient education and evidence-based practice. To learn more about these opportunities, please us at You can also receive EHC Program updates via our Inside Track Newsletter and join our National Partnership Network.
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