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  1. 0 Im a new graduate nurse and I have an interview with PSA real soon and I would love to know what to expect from past people who have dealt with PSA.
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    I actually just interviewed with PSA this morning. The interview was basically the recruiter telling me all about the company. I filled out a background check, two references, took a basic test and was on my way. I was told I would be called when the background check went through and then they would set up a second interview and determine when I could start orientation. Good luck!!!
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    Can you expand on what kind of test it was?
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    I've worked for PSA for a little over 5 years. When I interviewed, they did all the "usual" things (application, skills checklists, etc.). There were also 3 competency tests I had to take. PSA is a good company to work for. I've been with the same patient for over 4 years now & I love it.