Nursing Agency in Buffalo, NY? Recommendations, experiences anyone?

  1. 0 I'm thinking about ICU per diem agency nursing in the Buffalo, NY area. Does anyone have any particular experiences or recommendations? Shift availability, pay rate and working conditions are all of interest. Anyone currently work for Nursefinders? Thanks in advance! Julia
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    just wondering if you ever found a good agency in Buffalo? I too am looking for or per diem
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    A while ago I was working through nurses RX. Contracts in Buffalo are difficult. I had an assignment in Rochester and it was not a bad commute on the I90, I worked at Strong Memorial. It was a wonderful hospital.

    Try nurses RX, can't hurt.
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    I will consider Rochester. I worked for Preferred who are now taken over by nurses rx......Thanks!
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    Found a travel psych nurse job in Buffalo. While it's not TO, it's about as close as I seem to be able to get. Anyone any thoughts on Buffalo? It's close enough to harbor a relocaton somewhere in Ontario later. Or if I like Buffalo, just stay put as it may be close enough.
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