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New Years Resolution's for Agency Nurses!

  1. 1 #1 Pick up extra shifts so I can take that much needed vacation (like an Island)
    #2 Communicate better with my scheduling person (answer their call or text faster)
    #3 Venture out of my comfort zone-try a new area or unit (go to rehab)
    #4 Don't blame the lack of open shifts on my company (when I turn them down repeatedly)
    #5 Turn my timesheet in on time (and don't add it up)
    #6 Think often of the alternative (like not being able to set my own schedule)
    #7 And think of more alternatives (like I don't have to go back if I don't like it)
    #8 Let my little light shine (no matter how disgruntled some of the others are)
    #9 Make a difference every day every time every interaction (cause I can)
    #10 Make sure to be grateful and show gratitude for my job (bring on the abundance)
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    sounds like a recruiters "wish list"