Need To Enhance Skills

  1. Hi everyone, need a little help, any comments or guidance greatly appreciated.

    I supplement my income with agency per diem work in Wisconsin, how can I go about increasing my skills.

    1) I have no skills in starting IV's (last two hospitals worked in MN and IL had IV teams).

    2) Telemetry and EKG reading. (strong interest in Cardiology)

    Does anyone know of any websites or areas to take classes either in wisconsin or illinois to get certification.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Certification in EKG or telemetry will not get you the jobs in those units if you do not have physical experience already working on those type of units as an agency nurse.

    Many community colleges offer programs that are available for you. There are also on-line programs that are offered such as at, you can see what you can find that are available for you.

    As far as IV training, most get the training by spending a day in the same day surgery dept where they work if they need extra assistance, you may wish to contact the nurse educator at the facility where you work full-time to get this training done. You need hands-on training for this.

    Best of luck to you.