My patient is too heavy for me.

  1. 0 My new private duty agency introduced me a pediatric patient who is tall, weigh about 42-3Lbs. When I visited the patient and family at the first time, I realized that the patient is too heavy for me to carry. The patient is totally dependent because of paralysis on both legs and arms but needs very frequent transfer between a couch and a bed. I am short and weigh about 100 Lbs. I should probably decline the case. Have you ever declined the case because patient is too heavy to lift? I want to hear other nurses' experience with similar situation.
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    So far I have suffered through it. I have left two cases for other reasons but weight was an issue. However I have not left for weight alone. This patient is not heavy enough to justify a Hoyer lift yet. I would tell your agency that you need another case.

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