MS travel agency nurse who is not tele trained

  1. I've been a MS nurse for 5 years and recently signed on with a travel nursing agency. I've been assigned to a MS unit with a mixture of patients who are tele and non tele. My question is if I'm interested in working with tele pts in the future, what course(s) specifically should I take beside the ACLS? Obviously, I will be doing this on my own since I am agency. Thanks!
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  3. by   vontarkeyjoe
    Hy Lhejng I have been a telemetry nurse for 3 years but worked in the ICU for 3 years before that anyway I encourage you to take up basic EKG/ECG (whatever they want to call it) training then all the way up to advanced because those are the things you will be needing in the tele. besides calling an MD in the middle of the night and telling him his patient progressed from 2nd deg heart block to 3rd degree heart block would def. need some confidence goodluck!
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    Thanks for the great advice! Although i do have the confidence,it'll 100x better if I have the training and knowledge to back it up with! So ACLS, ekg interpretation and maybe meds? Like pharmacolgy perhaps?