Liquid Agents Healthcare - TRAVEL

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    Hello to all!

    Anyone out there know anything about LiqiudAgents Healthcare Company for travel nurses? Are they easy to work with, reputable??

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    Never heard of them, but that name does not sound appropriate.
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    I get frequent emails from this company and know nothing about them on a personal level...has anyone completed an assignment from them? pros/cons???
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    They offer direct Hire ( permanent placement) and Travel - A friend of mind has Traveled for them, says they are first rate. Think they are headquartered in Dallas
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    [font=fixedsys]i have been contacted for several months from this company, and the agent that i have spoken with has seemed very pleasant and professional. i am about to complete my current assignment with ppr, and am looking for another assignment. i want one very close to home, so am checking with several agencies. it is encouraging to hear that someone has used this agency with success. thanks!

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