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Is this too low?

  1. 0 Nightingale registry. A telemetry position in San giorgino hospital near palm springs, ca. $38/hr plus time and a half after 8 hrs. It seems a little low to me. :/
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    $38/hr for Inland CA? Thats about right..
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    Call other agencies, find out their pay scale.
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    It does seem a little low. That rate is low even for Oregon/Washington. But I'm not familiar with California rates so it could be accurate. Are they paying for your housing, benefits?
    I agree with what another post suggested-try calling other agencies.
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    Try calling specific hospitals and ask what agencies/travel companies they use.
    Good luck!!
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    I worked for a small registry that staffed Hi Desert MC in Joshua Tree. Worked in Sub-Acute mostly. $32.00 per hour and I'm an LVN. So, $38 seems a bit low...
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    It does sound low. 38 dollars an hour is about what you get paid in Florida which is historically one of lower paying nursing states.

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