Independent Contractor Per Diem at Home Health Agency

  1. 0 Help! I'm new to home health and worked almost 2 months with this home health agency per diem as an independent contractor. In the beginning to get the job, I told my boss I was able to take a lot of cases and was able to commute 5 boroughs. The DPS has been dumping cases on me left and right. Last month I had 60 visits and that's not including the "urgent" cases. Now having experienced how this works in reality, can I tell her I only want 30 or 40 cases per month and no more outer boroughs, or urgent, last min cases? We are assigned cases by the month. So basically I just want to see 30 pts/ month. I do have the right to request that right? And how about them holding paychecks? Also,can I quit as long as I finish my cases for the month? And are independent contractors per diem have probation periods?
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    You should have the right to request to only work 30 cases. However they may respond by offering you 0 cases.

    So far as withholding payment getting paid on a 1099 is different to a regular paycheck and different rules applied. When I was an independent contractor as a knitting instructor I hated it because I would wait months for payment.

    Your probabtion period would depend on your employer

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