Frequent Broviac Infections - eek!

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    I'm a pretty new nurse and I am currently doing home care nursing while I wait for this dismal economy to bounce back so I can get a hospital job. (Still holding my breath...) Anyway, I have a pediatric patient with an indwelling Broviac catheter. She had a lengthy history of catheter infections/other infections before and I have gathered that they had been occurring about once a month! I am no expert, but that definitely seems too frequent. For the past 5 months, she has been admitted to the hospital one time, and again in early April. She developed an infection under the care of another nurse in January. So that makes 3 hospital admissions in the past 5 months, 2 of them while being under my care. I know that central venous catheters, (especially those used for TPN administration like my patient's), get infected regularly, but are these numbers too high? Is she just prone to infection?
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