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First time looking for agency nurse positions

  1. 0 I am a RN that has been on a MedSurg floor for 3.5 years. I currently have my Medical-Surgical certification. I want to look into agency work but do not know where to start.
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    what city/state are you in?
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    I live in Indiana
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    Call the hospitals or facilities you want to work at and see what agencies they use. you can also call Better business bureau to "check out" any agency t be sure there are no complaints against it. Make sure the agency has an RN Supervisor and not just recruiters with no working nursing knowledge. this is a big hit that the agency is $$$$ orientedrather thannurse oriented. Always make sure that you have a nurse backing you up. Also be sure you keep yopour malpractice insurance up to date. better safe than sorry! Good luck!!!
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    Can anyone cover malpractice insurance? Is it important just to agency nursing or does anyone else have an opinion? I have never had it and wondered about the ins and outs. Tx!