Do agencies hire LPNs?

  1. 0 Hey, I am interested in agency nursing but wondering if they hire LPN's? or only RNs? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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    I worked at a nursing home that staffed partly with agency LPNs. And I had a friend who did private duty LPN from an agency. Check online sites of agencies, and good luck!
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    Oh yes they do! I live in Wisconsin and recently got work with an agency and I'm an LPN. Go for it, if it's something you wanted to try. They could send you to hospitals, LTC facilities, and even clinics. Good luck!
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    I currently am working for an agency as a CNA and will continue to work for them as a LPN once I finish school in May and pass my boards. All agencies in my area hire CNA, CMA, LPN and RN's.

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