difficulty in finding first job as RN

  1. Hi,
    Iam a foreign educated nurse and I've cleared my RN exam and I also have other requirements like license, SS# etc. I am having a tough time finding a job in the bay area and the surrounding areas. All of them are asking for 1 year US experience. I have 2 years of experience in India but recruiters do not seem to consider that. I am with an agency right now(green card is sponsored by them).
    Since Iam already with this agency will there be a problem in me applying for a new grad program. I got a website from this forum about new grad programs available. Will they accept me? I am very depressed right now because I was the top scorer in my class back there in my country and I ve never faced such a difficulty in getting a job.
    Is there anybody facing the same situation? Can anybody give me advice as to what can be done. I'll be very grateful.
    Looking forward to hear from you friends.