Considering Agency, but I'm a total newb :)

  1. I'm currently a LVN and will be returning to school for my BSN in a little more than 1 month. My current employer is not willing to be flexible with me regarding a PRN position. This past week we were short-staffed and had agency nurses to help fill in. I spoke with one regarding her schedule and it seemed like agency may be a better route for me during school, at least for the first 2 semesters.

    I'm in the Houston area, so any agency recommendations around here would be appreciated. But honestly, I don't even know how agency works. I just remember how I saw staff nurses react to agency where I did my clinicals - it wasn't pretty.

    So, any information would probably be helpful - Are there various types of agencies? I have 1 yr experience psych and 6m experience Post Partum. Are LVNs even hired?

    I've updated my resume and I guess I'll start hunting down places to apply and spend time pouring over this section of AN to read about the good, the bad, and the ugly of Agency

    Just wanted to add that my main focus is on having the LVN experience on my resume upon graduation rather than needing steady income during school.
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