Agency/Per Diem/PRN work in Houston, Tx

  1. I am moving to Houston in October and was looking into doing some local contract work with an agency because cost of living is a lot higher there than where I am coming from. Does anyone have any experience working agency in the Houston area. I have turned in my application with Nurse Finders. I am an ICU nurse and am just skeptical if they can find me a job in the city that is an ICU and day position. I am also really interested in working at MD Anderson and St. Lukes as a PRN/supplemental staff. Any information on the above would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   magnolia nurse
    I use to live in Houston, lots of agencies there you can make some good money especially if you are an ICU nurse- $40- $45.00 and hour,
    Continumm goes to HCA hospitals and has lots of ICU shifts, and I have friends that work at hospital float pools that do well (Houston has lots of hospitals all over the city)
    Now that UTMB has laid people off after IKE you might see a decrease in vacancies in the south, southwest part of Houston.. but theres lots of money to be made, I miss it!!!