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What exactly does an aesthetic nurse do?

  1. 0 So what does a typical day look like for an aesthetic nurse? Are there close interactions with doctors? What exactly do you assess (besides obviously the skin)? Etc. etc. I want to learn SO much more about this field, and since aesthetic nursing isn't even talked about in school, I want to know exactly all the little details a nurse does for this job...?
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    an aesthician would know... I'm sure Dermatologists/skin care spas utilize them... don't know anything about it, though.
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    Botox, fillers like Juvederm or Restylane, Laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation lasers, etc. If you work in a medical spa, you won't really have much interactions with the doctor. There is usually a medical director but depending on the facility, he may not be on site at all times. If you work for a plastic surgeon, you can do pre-op, post-op on surgeries. You will have more contact with the physician in this setting. I have worked as an esthetician in both settings.
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    i'm not an "aesthetics nurse" and don't play one on tv, but i can tell you some things they don't do: weekends, nights, and holidays.

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