RN looking to do botox course - looking for info

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    I am a RN and I have been considering going on a complete botox course. Has anyone done this that can offer some advice, I have not done a great deal of research into it yet. I have read however, that if botox goes wrong there can be issues with law suites etc, could this put my registration at risk? (not that i think im going to make a mistake, but I would like to know what I m getting into). Could anyone share information on issues such as:
    would i need insurance?
    Where would I get the botox as it is a prescrition drug.
    Just any advice or information would be appreciated, as you can see I havent really done my research yet dont know where to start
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    google BOTOX TRAINING. it's there to start. And most assuredly, you will absolutely need malpractice insurance.
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    here's wishing you are having a great memorial day with your loved ones. an had this topic previously, below you'll find two links that will offer you all the info: that you may need... as i wish you the best in all of your future endeavors....aloha~


    botox training and dermal filler training
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    I have been in the medical aesthetics practice for 3 years now (RN for over 8 yrs) in San Diego at a medical spa doing laser treatments and injectables. There are a number of ways to get into the industry but for me, I was hired at the spa and they sent me to all of the certification classes for laser and injectables privately through the manufacturers of the specific lasers that we use and through Allergan, the manufacturers of Botox. If you just inquire at specific places, they may be able to direct you where to go. If you are only interested in injectables, I have always been told by our botox reps that Palette (you can google it) puts on really great seminars where you can obtain certification. As far as malpractice is concerned, you have to, in all states be practicing injectables under the name of a physician as you cannot just order botox or fillers under a RN license. wherever you end up working, most physicians will cover you under their malpractice as they have to cosign everything that you do. You have to research though because every state has different laws about the scope of RN practice in medical aesthetics. Hope this helps!
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    note: not all states allow an RN to be doing cosmetic injections. It is illegal in state of NJ.
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    Cosmetic Medical Training provides Botox training to Doctors, Dentists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Nurses throughout the USA. Cosmetic Medical Training focuses on providing you the best hands-on Botox training experience with 5 hours of patient injections per day. Here is a sample of the type of information that you will learn at one of our Botox courses.

    Register for one of our Botox courses as soon as you can – our classes fill up quickly.
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    I did mine with aesthetic advancements. The instructor was Jamie Krause (or something close to that). The course was excellent. I left ready to practice right away and have been doing so with great success for a year. The course fee looks low but you have to bring product with you so factor that price in! Even with taking product, it was still very inexpensive. It's easier to do if you take your training in your home state (or if you are in a compact state, you may be able to take it in any other compact state) since you are injecting in class.

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