I dont know where to start!

  1. 0 I just graduated a 7 month esthetics program and while going to school I discovered I am very attracted to the medical part of it all. I want to work in a med-spa/dermatologists/plastic surgeons office. I am a mother and want to make sure I get a job with good benefits and pay, and will have a wide range of proceduresI am qualified to perform.
    I live in Massachusetts, but I know other states are very strict that only registered nurses are allowed to do invasive procedures.
    Anybody with experience in this- do you think I will make a decent career while being "just an esthetician?" or do you think I would open up many more doors if I was dually licensed as a registered nurse as well?

    Considering going back to school for my nursing pre-reqs in the fall but unsure.

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    I've had a few awesome facials from estheticians! Both worked at a Salon/Day Spa.

    Best Wishes

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