Empire training botox & fillers

  1. Hello fellow nurses.
    I am a hospital RN for 5 years. I am extremely interested in being a nurse injector. Has anyone heard of EMPIRE TRAINING for the training of botox and fillers? They have a one day course from 8am-6pm for a comprehensive course for the botox and fillers, its MUCH cheaper this way, about a thousand bucks cheaper, is that too much to take in one day?
    Please if anyone has taken EMPIRE TRAINING let me know what your thoughts are for the training and how it went, the course is in less than two weeks. Thank you for all your help!
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  3. by   SparkleRN123
    I took two trainings to get started in aesthetics...Empire and through a doctor at Skin Savvy Aesthetics. Both were good, and I felt pretty confident after. I felt like I could understand the material in a day. For hands on, it's definitely just jumping in and getting started. The course with Skin Savvy Aesthetics was a little bit cheaper, and it was just me and the doctor so I really liked the one on one and felt it was much more personal.