Empire medical training

  1. 0 Has anyone trained at empire medical training? Just wondering if you liked it
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    Would love to hear about this also!
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    I did two trainings....Empire a couple years back for Botox/filler and recently Skin Savvy Aesthetics to brush up on my aesthetics knowledge. I really liked both of them. They had good material and hands on. The Empire training was a bigger group so I got a little less hands on. Someone had recommended Skin Savvy to me, and it's just a local doctor in Phoenix/Scottsdale who trains aesthetics. I was one on one with her and got to bring in models to do more hands on. She explained more advanced techniques to me too. I am hoping to finally get going with the aesthetics world, as I have been interested in it for a long time!
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    I like EMpire. They explained eveything in detail. They take great caution on injections to make sure no one will get a ptosis.
    I think they are professional and the more reasonably priced training program. For $3000, you can take as many classes you want within 2 years.

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