Studied BSN in the Philippines for 2 yrs, wants to continue BSN in US

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    Im currently residing in WA, USA and would like to pursue BSN. Last 2007 to 2009 I was in the Philippines studying BSN in De Lasalle University. I was able to attend 4. semesters and 1 summer term in BSN. I completed 122 credits and no failed subjects. If I want to finish the degree, will the nursing schools in the US credit the subjects I finished? Or will I start feom scratch. I want to finish it so I can take NCLEX. Do you know any schools that accepts and credits subjects taken from te Philippines? What should I do? Pls respond. Need help, i really dont know what to do.

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    I doubt that nursing schools in the US would credit any of your nursing courses/subjects. I would suggest just finish it in the Philippines. It will be cheaper and less time consuming, as you will not have to repeat your subjects.
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    i live in new jersey and they credit your subjects. it depends on the school. best to call them and explain your situation
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    Hey ishylovesyou,

    You can consider calling CGFNS and ask them if you are able to avail their Credential Evaluation Service: Academic Report. Usually, this is the report that you use when you plan on transferring from a school in the Philippines to the United States.

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