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questions about applying for the NCLEX EXAM

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    Im applying for the nclex examination in New York. I finished my BSN in the Philippines so I applied for the Credential Verification for the New York State and I got verified. Then I got a letter from NYS Education Department stating that they did not receive an application and fee, enclosed with the letter is the application form. I fill it up and money ordered the fee and sent it to them. How long does it take to process? and can I register in the pearson vue already?

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    Depends but look to 1-2 months. As far as I am aware they meet once a month to review International applications
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    Wow that's a long time... Well should I register in the Pearson vue? Or just wait for it?Thank you!
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    1-2 months isnt that long really. You can register with Pearsonvue but your ATT will not be sent until you have been reviewed by the BON and they give the OK to release it.