Nursing Jobs in The Netherlands/Holland ?

  1. Am Jerome from Namibia a country in Africa on the Southern Part a former colony of Germany,am a final year Enrolled Nurse/Accoucher student graduating from Nursing School in April and i would like to know how the process of applying for a Nursing Job in The Netherlands/Hollrd and is please ? Would like more info on what are the requirements and which cities are best sorted for foreign nurses to start of and which are more affordable,i speak Afrikaans a language which derives its origin from Dutch and they are closely linked so its very easy for me to learn Dutch and i can understand and speak a bit of it,am good with languages as i was born from mixed trbe family meaning my parents are from different tribes and speak different languages,i speak 5 languages so i think i will manage to learn it quite well.

    I have been learning myself about the culture and norms of people from Holland and by all means see myself as being ready for this big move,am 25 and energitic and have many years of volunteering and leadership positions and a human rights activist and a law-abiding citizen.
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