NCLEX retake on a different state

  1. Hi!

    I was a bit confused on what to do cause its been a while since I took the exam and I was looking to get some help and I thought about this site hoping to get some perhaps.

    I took the NCLEX Nov of 2008 and I chose California as a state but then I failed and so I , was planning to take it again this time on a different state and that would be New Mexico. I was planning to process it all by myself. I just need to have the specific guidelines cause as I was reading through the New Mexico Board of Nursing website it says that I need to pass the IELTS exam as I graduated from an international nursing school and some sort of evaluation of educational credential. can anyone enlighten me as to where my credentials be evaluated? and if possible the step by step process on the nclex application process.. thanks and I appreciate the help.
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    Suggest you read the last page as it gives information on acceptable agencies to do your evaluation.