I140 petition/RFE/NOID and processing times (2017)

  1. My i140 was filed by my employer last June 2017. However, i heard that there a lot of RFE and denials that's why i'm getting anxious. How did yours go? Can you please share your experience? And from the date of filing, how many mos did you receive your RFE/NOID/Approval? Your service center and as well as the time from responding to your RFE was it approve? What are the usual reasons of RFE? Thanks a lot!
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  3. by   wamgab
    My employer filed mine Jan 2017 and it was approved. Just waiting for my priority date to be current. Hoping for the best for youl!
  4. by   nurse.khaleesi
    @gabwam how many months did you wait before your i140 was approved?
  5. by   AHSCyndi
    Unless your petition was filed with premium processing, it will take about 4-6 months to be adjudicated. RFE can be for a variety of reasons related to you or the petitioner.