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EB3 Green Card Interview Help

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    my husband and I are due to attend EB3 Green Card interview in the UK. I am a nurse wanting to immigrate to USA. We are anxious dont know what to expect please help.
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    My understanding is check of paperwork confirm your qualification and experience. Most seem to say doesn't take long
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    pls update us on what happened
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    hi when is your interview thank you, i also need some advice,

    Got my visa screen cert
    nclex letter of passing under california but expired already coz was not abke to provide ssn so i endorsed my result to NY and was able to get a license.

    I have notarized job offer with offered position as registered nurse on a permanent basis and an annual salary of 83283, the lawyer based it on the prevailing wage.

    I have police clearance
    NSO birth cert and marriage contract.

    is there anything else i need to prepare?thank you
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    Hello any update about your interview? thank you
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    Sounds like you have everything covered
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    Thank you =)