CGFNS Visascreen enquiry for E3 visa

  1. Hi there

    I have an enquiry with the online visascreen application through CGFNS. I passed the NCLEX this week and New Mexico have already issued me with a RN license. With the Visascreen 'request for validation of license' form that you print out and send off, I assume that would have to be sent to New Mexico BON who then return it back to CGFNS?

    *Also thanks to those with all the advice along the way which has been more than helpful on this long long long journey. I will be using the E3 visa.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Correct the form is complete sent to BON who should then send it to CGFNS. Sometimes the BON have their own forms for doing this so check on the BON website. Usually charge a small fee as well
  4. by   grantsally1
    Thanks for the info. And just to let other Australian nurses know that it is not overly hard to gain licensure in the U.S but it is a painfully slow and long process at best.