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Canadian working in the UK

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    I am an RN thinking about moving to the UK for a couple of years on an ancestry visa. I am just wondering if anyone can give me some info on their experiences working in the UK and how difficult it is to get registered and find a job. If anyone has move there on this type of visa to work as an RN (or anything really) I would really appreciate hearing your experience with that as well. Thanks!
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    I would suggest you start with NMC and meet requirements before worrying about getting a job. I do know things are a bit tough in regards nursing jobs so you may want to get something sorted before you move
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    With an Ancestry Visa, if I remember, you have 5 hear & can work, live & come & go as you please. Of course after the 5, you'd be eligible for Naturalization/UK Citizenship. So while that's not an issue if you have that Visa, moreso the issue is if there are nursing jobs in your field of nursing & of course, where you plan to work as a nurse.