1. Hi all,
    I am an Indian male nurse. previously i was much enthusiastic about my career in US. I was having incomplete knowledge about everything all i was knowing was that i need to take the NCLEX and get my licensure and get a job. But realty is far much bitter and soon came to realise about the harsh truth. All my enthusiasm got dumped. So, what should i do.
    pls suggest me some way to get a job there.
    Would it be right to apply for NCLEX give the exam and wait for licensure and visa and in the mean while work up somewhere like Canada to earn money. And after some years when i get the VISA then move to US for job.
    pls suggest.

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  3. by   loriangel14
    You still need to pass a licensure exam and get a visa to work in Canada. You should be moving there because you want to work and reside in Canada, not because you view it as a stepping stone to the US.