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    So at the moment I'm about to graduate the 3rd year of my bachelor of science in nursing (BScN). I know it's early to be thinking about this, but I've always dreamed of moving to Australia. Does anyone know what I'd have to do in terms of getting a work VISA / being licensed? Is there an entrance exam? I've been looking at a few areas, but pretty much anywhere along the shores I'd like to live. What are the housing prices like? Apartment rentals?

    So much to think about But it's my one true desire in life, to live in Australia. Any help would be great, thanks in advance!!

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    Moved to the International forum.Once you graduate and pass CRNE you need to start the process with APHRA and meet requirements. Then you need to check the Austalian government website on immigration and which visa you wish to use
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    There's no entrance exam for Canadian nurses, but you will still need to have your education assessed. Australia is flooded with nurses also, so usually 1-2 years of nursing experience is required. Australia isn't accepting brand new grads anymore.

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