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BSN grad - CNA in Illinois

  1. 0 I just migrated here in the US 2 weeks ago. I graduated with a BSN last March in the Philippines and wasn't able to take the NLE this year due to personal reasons. Now my questions are:

    Since Illinois doesn't accept foreign grad nurses to sit for NCLEX-RN without their local license, can I work as a CNA for the meantime? I am going back to the Philippines next year to take the NLE.

    What do I need to do aside from filling out the application form and sending the needed documents with it? Do they require further training?

    Is it going to be just a written exam or there's a skills exam too?

    Thanks in advance.
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    hello lavitaebella, currently i am in the same situation as you were when you posted this. may i know what did you do to apply for CNA? and where can i get an application form for CNA?
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    Exactly the same situation. Just go to
    Find out the details, I got my CNA same year I graduated my Nursing in the Philippines.
    Save your time reviewing.... You can do it.
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