1. Hello everyone,
    I am a recent nursing graduate. I am very interested in becoming a CRNA and have wanted to do so since the time I saw my mom become one and see how much she loves her job. Anyway, I have some job offers and would love to know what path would be best. What I mean by "best" is heath, happiness, and career... all taken into consideration.
    1) post-surgical: its a day shift , at a small hospital that is not very well known, and I would transfer to an ICU in 6 months. About 25 min drive away from home and the staff seemed extremely supportive and nice.
    2) NICU- at a reputable but medium hospital, 5 min away from home, NICU is accepted as experience at the school I would like to go to (but what I be getting the experience I need to help me through school?) staff was nice and would be night shifts but could become day shifts shortly after
    3) ICU- large hospital, 45 min away from home, night shifts , internship program so I would have a support system...

    PLEASE let me know what you think. any comments are helpful!!! This is a difficult decision...
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    ICU - hands down. Though NICU is accepted at the school where you want to go - since you are a new nurse, adult ICU would give you a more varied experience.
  4. by   mpgeorge
    thank you traumaRUs I appreciate your comment