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  1. I am a OB nurse of 20 years and a WHNP of 6 years. I have relocated to California from Texas, and have been in dialog with a OB Director at a large facility regarding, taking a position as their OB Triage NP. The facilities current OB triage has about 8 beds that are separated by curtains and is staffed by 3 L&D RN's. I would like to find out where I can find protocols for WHNP's in OB Triage so I can get a better understanding of my role, limitations, staffing etc. Also any NP's with exp. in this role I would love to hear from regarding your experiences as a OB Triage NP. From what I understand they plan to staff the dept. with 1 NP and 2 RN's on days. Thanks in advance for your assistance
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