Will Vanderbilt Waive the GRE Score???

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    Hi all, I was wondering if Vanderbilt might waive the analytical writing part of the GRE requirement.....I was so worried about getting above 1000. I had read most schools did not really care about the analytical part, well turns out they do. I only got a 3.5 and they require a 4.5. and I want to go to their ENP/ACNP program.. I have lots of exp. GPA >3.5, 1160 GRE and will take CCRN this summer....Sometimes I hear about a school that will waive a requirement....just wondered??
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    Hi Silverbelle,

    I'm currently a prespecialty student at Vandy. I know they will waive the entire exam if you already have a graduate degree. I'm not sure about specific portions of the exam. I have heard there is a little more flexibility with those already nurses in comparison with prespecialty students. You may get more feedback in the students section (post graduate). Hope that helps!
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    Or contacting Vanderbilt yourself and asking.... I would do anything NOT to have to take it... Good luck on the CCRN