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    Is anyone a WHNP (Women's Health Nurse Practitioner)? I was recently accepted into a direct entry WHNP program at a great school. I'm SO excited to begin but I'm a bit concerned about job availability (with it being more specialized & thus limiting the scope of practice). Any insight on the day to day work of a WHNP? Are they generally happy in their positions? From the research I've done, it seems like a very rewarding field.

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    If your in Nashville the market is so saturated with NP/PA... Where most states are lacking in programs we have 7 that I know of within 50 miles of Nashville... I think your best bet is to do a dual if you want to get a job right out of school... I have friends that graduated from Vandy with 3.8 and higher they are making in the 70's one with loan repayment(has dual WHNP/FNP), one same pay without loan repayment... Many others moved out of state for better pay and a non nursing job... To get hired as a new grad in this Nashville market is beyond tough... Memphis, Chattanooga, Atlanta have more jobs...

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