Where will we all find jobs?

  1. Hi!

    I'm a new NP student beginning my fall semester. We have 40 students in our class and that is not including those who are in the middle or finishing their program.

    I'm so worried that this area will be saturated with NP's and work will become limited, also driving down the wage as well.

    I'm located in Indiana where we have many different nursing programs for NP available.

    Any thoughts? I'm just worried.

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  3. by   Angelina_fnp
    I am in the Nashville area where we have 4 schools that produce mid-level providers... I have been working since I graduated... I have more work than I can handle. I turn down work.... There is a need and the need will be growing... If you cant find a job locally then you can always relocate.... Headhunters call me every day for jobs in other parts of the country.... I know relocation isn't usually very appealing but sometimes we got to do what we got to do... I'm probably going to re-join the army to pay of these oppressive student loans I acquired attending Vanderbilt.
  4. by   FNPchic1
    In response to Angelina_fnp, I am looking to relocate to the Nashville area after graduation from my NP program on Dec.10. I was just wondering where are some good places to apply. I have been browsing online, but I am sure that you know that it's different ballgame when you are looking to get a job in an area where you do not have a network. I'm just really anxious about accepting a job in a place that I don't have any reference too. Please, offer some pointers.