What will help me with ANP program?!?! What will help me with ANP program?!?! | allnurses

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What will help me with ANP program?!?!

  1. 1 Hi everyone,
    I am looking for some advice, I currently work on a Neurosurgery floor at a very busy inner-city hospital. Our sister floor is the neuromed floor, so we sometimes float back and forth when needed on the medicine side. This is the only experience I have....neuro. I also am in grad school for ANP in my second semester. I am looking to make a change, I feel like neurosurg is getting so blaah, same crani, same lami. I would like more experience to prepare me for my NP role. I am currently looking for another job, although there are really none available right now. I would like some ideas for what I could do to help when I graduate from my ANP program. Thanks