What made you decide CRNA or NP?

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    hello! i recently became an rn and am working in icu. i am, like many posts before, trying to decide whether to go into nurse practitioning or anesthesia. i have researched both professions, read 100s of posts regarding the differences between the two professions and shadowed both. i realize that it will take some experience before i know exactly what direction i want to go in...

    i am very interested in anesthesia and relieving patient's pain.

    however, i am curious of those of you who are in one profession or the other who debated the two, [color=#ff0066]what was the deciding factor for you (other than crna's generally making more money)?

    i am married and just took two years off from full-time work to go to nursing school...i've read that it is near impossible to work while in crna school? it would be doable for us...just curious! we/i would also have to relocate going to crna school, as the nearest one is two hours or so away.

    crnas: is your job stressful?? do you wish you would have went the np route? why or why not?
    nps: do you wish you would have went the crna route??
    thanks for the insight in advance!

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