What is required in being a Neonatal nurse practitioner?

  1. Well I have always been infatuated with the Medical field. And i'm almost done wit high school i'm on my last year and i'm trying to figure out what job actually really catches my attention. I'm thinking of working in the NICU. I've done my research on Neonatology and I decided I want to do Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. I've done my research on the job and I would love to help the little babies, I know you don't get to hold them but just being able to see and help their progress, Really seems good. I know just about anything in the Medical field requires a lot of school and practice. I am about to have a baby and my husband is in the United States Air Force, so I really wanna know how many years exactly does all this take. I know you need to get your bachelors then be an RN then get your Masters, but how many years does each of those steps take. And I would greatly greatly appreciate if someone could break it down for me so I can really see and understand the road that lyes ahead. I also need to figure out how much all this school and practice cost.....If someone could answer that too y'all could lift a big load off of my shoulders and I would really appreciate it.

    Plz help
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