what do I need to get in to rpn in the gta colleges as a mature student?

  1. 0 hey guys I am new to Canada & would like your help. I am a 27 yrs who would like a career change. I would like to get in to an PN program at humber, senica or george brown. I have been doing some upgrades but I dont know if I am on the right tract. I am currently doing grade 12u chem and will be doing Bio 12 next January. I was told that my grade is not important cause I have to do a entrance exam as a mature student. But its hard to think my grades doesn't matter. So if you are a mature student in this program at any of my above mentioned college, I really do need your help. If possible could you tell me all I need as a mature student to get in any of these school. I need your help thank you very much. And about the entrance exam, whats that like an is there anything in particular that i need to know to pass it. sorry i have lots of questions lol see with me.
    what should my grades be in chem & Bio to get in? Do i need the U level or I can just do the C level?

    Thank you guys
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