Websites for FNP jobs

  1. 0 I live in Georgia and would like to know what are the best job sites to look at for a new FNP?
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    I see a lot of NP job postings come across on, more so than on Monster.

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    Also see if your state NP association has job postings.
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    Like others have said but it led me to a lot of dead-ends. There is also,,; if you register with these three you can get updated emailed job postings. I actually had the most success through AANP careerlink and applying directly to the larger organizations (Emory, Piedmont, etc.). I never saw anything appealing on monster or craigslist but they were on my list to check regularly. Also check out UAPRN's website. Good luck!
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    Check out the business journals for your area as I see many ads in Philadelphia version:

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